Large-scale projects and preventing problems are our specialty and super strength. Thanks to regular donors, we have budgets and the ability to plan. The more regular donations, the bigger the help.

Permanent donations for the needs of Ukrainian artillery have already become part of the initiatives of the largest AI community in Ukraine - AI HOUSE.

AI HOUSE is a non-profit organization whose main goal is to build the largest and most powerful AI community in Ukraine for the birth of new product AI startups, the development of the field of artificial intelligence, and the technology sector as a whole.

AI HOUSE unites AI/ML specialists on its initiatives, such as machine learning schools, workshops, and meetups with practicing lecturers, conferences with international specialists, AI breakfasts to exchange ideas with AI opinion leaders, etc. AI HOUSE is part of the Roosh technology ecosystem.

Participation in AI HOUSE initiatives is usually free, but in an effort to help Ukraine as much as possible, the community is going to donate to

Artillery radically changes the course of the ongoing russian aggression against Ukraine. 90% of the defeat of the enemy is the merit of Ukrainian artillerymen. It provides effective infantry attack and is the main defense. Long-range, high-precision weapons save infantry lives and save them from the need to expose themselves to danger in direct attacks. Thanks to regular donations, we are able to supply Ukrainian artillery around the clock. It is easy to join the honorable team of regular donators by subscribing to the website

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