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Artillery compass
14 Nov Artillery compass

8 compasses have already been sent to our artillery units for the most accurate shots at uninvited guests

Wheels and rims
13 Nov Wheels and rims

The combat vehicle of the 406th Marine Brigade was put on new rims + wheels

tools for repair
13 Nov tools for repair

The gunners of the 81stair assault brigade received a set of professional tools for repair. It happens that the MRLS Uragan won't not shoot without tools

Charging stations and laptops
10 Nov Charging stations and laptops

Charging stations and laptops were delivered to the artillery of the 55th Zaporiz'ka Sich brigade. 5 stations and 6 laptops are already working

Ecoflow and camouflage nets
9 Nov Ecoflow and camouflage nets

Artillery of the 66th separate mechanized brigade received an Ecoflow charging station and camouflage nets woven by Sumy volunteers

Spare parts for combat vehicles
7 Nov Spare parts for combat vehicles

Spare parts for ZIL, Kamaz and Kengoo were delivered toa very effective secret brigade. Donate effectively!

Tires for Ceasar
21 Oct Tires for Ceasar

The Caesar self-propelled gun was remounted. Of course, buying the self-propelled gun itself is unrealistic, but repairing it and returning it to the battlefield is possible. This is our superpower - to bring powerful Ukrainian artillery back to work

Compressors, pumps for gas stations
11 Oct Compressors, pumps for gas stations

We supply an infinite number of devices necessary for work: compressors, pumps for gas stations, and other necessary things for the artillery to work without interruptions

Monitors for headquarters
10 Oct Monitors for headquarters

We continue to equip the army headquarters providing equipment for the productivity of Ukrainian artillery

Financed first stage of a project 1500 USD
31 Aug Financed first stage of a project

Recently financed the conversion of a sea container before the installation of very important equipment. When ready, we will show the results. Join by donating!

Drones for the artillerymen 5820 USD
27 Aug Drones for the artillerymen

Drones will not replace artillery, but it is the most powerful collaboration imaginable

Tools for self-propelled gunners 4400 USD
25 Aug Tools for self-propelled gunners

Supplied self-propelled gunners with tools. We have been working tirelessly on artillery needs since 2014

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