Reactive Post’s superpower is closing of permanent needs of the Ukrainian artillery and large-scale projects. Thanks to our regular donors and partners, our artillery receives the necessary support from us 24/7.

expla has been bringing our Victory over the occupiers closer for over a year, donating through Reactive Post.

expla is a global performance-marketing full-cycle agency with an integrated partner network, working in three main fields: Media Buying, Affiliate Network, and development of Own Products. 

expla helps businesses attract customers through affiliate, social media, and search engine marketing, supplying our partners with tens of thousands of customers each month. 

They created an environment where the best talents have everything they need to implement their ideas — the freedom to act, inspiring ambitious goals, the openness of the team, and the invigorating atmosphere. 

Every month expla supports the Ukrainian army with a belief that these efforts and successfully operating businesses are bringing our Victory closer.

Artillery is the main means of fire damage to the enemy and one of the key types of troops in the liberation of the Ukrainian land from the russian occupier.

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