333 Tsukoroks for Ukrainian artillerymen

In April 2014, Pavlo Narozhny sent the first “jet” parcel. It was received by marines based in Crimea. Later, they all went to the mainland and continued their honorable service to Ukraine. We still preserve the bond so spontaneously formed at the beginning of the war in Crimea.

The project, which was born as a reaction to circumstances, is now celebrating its 10th anniversary.

Over 10 years, Reactive Post has become:

  • an artillery service centre, having repaired almost all the rocket salvo fire system Uragan in service in the Armed Forces of Ukraine,
  • a contact centre, helping with information, contacts, connections,
  • an unofficial supplier of optical treasures, searching for them in all warehouses and military stores of Ukraine, Europe and the USA.

For 10 years, together with donors, we have been influencing the fighting capacity of our wards. For 10 years, the spark of a projectile fired at the occupiers burns in each of us.

Where is the festive cake, you might ask?

And there will be no cake, there will be sweets!

333 tsukoroks. In Ukrainian tsukerky if for candies, and Tsukorky is for drone detectors for artillerymen in all directions. This is our birthday goal!

Donate on our account - the upper right corner of the site!

Make a partner gathering - we will give a visual! Direct us.

Help with the information - repost the gathering in social networks!

And our main birthday wish is to kick out the occupants and close the office. We don’t want the 15th anniversary.

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333 Tsukoroks for Ukrainian artillerymen

333 Tsukoroks for Ukrainian artillerymen

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