AI counter-battery fight project for 406th Separate Artillery Brigade

This war, as we believe the last one in the history of our country is called the war of artillery. Artillery, burns the way to the offensive and destroys infrastructure and logistics. But the enemy also has artillery installations and they are bothering. Considering the statistics of destroyed enemy armaments, artillery is the most there. This is mostly the result of counter-battery fighting. When ours discovered the enemy in a firing position or a deployment and struck.

"We do not wait for the enemy's artillery to open fire, but detect its systems in advance in areas of concentration, at separate firing positions. We destroy them even before they are ready to strike at us." - Chief of the Main Directorate of Missile Troops and Artillery and Unmanned Systems of the General Staff of the Armed Forces Serhii Baranov on modern counter-battery combat.

Solution: Reaсtivу Posе and the 406th Separate Artillery Brigade are implementing a project of an audiometric system for finding the occupier's artillery weapons.

The system finds, determines and provides exact coordinates of enemy weapons. With the help of various sensors, it analyzes the combat situation and collects data, which is sent to the computing cluster.

Artificial intelligence processes the received data in a matter of seconds using several methods of analysis and issues coordinates, taking into account weather conditions and errors. Gunners conduct reconnaissance and destroy targets.

The operating range of the system is from 10 km or more, depending on the configuration.

The system has been tested and tested and can scale depending on the needs of the artillery brigade.

Goal: UAH 570,000

For whom: 406 Separate Artillery Brigade named after Corporal General Oleksiy Almazov

We are working for a powerful brigade. They hurt the occupiers all over the front line with the M777. Donate with the highest precision.

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AI counter-battery fight project for 406th Separate Artillery Brigade

AI counter-battery fight project for 406th Separate Artillery Brigade

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