Charging stations

The statistics of defeating the enemy by the General Staff is a stubborn thing: the artillery of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the most accurate way prove to the occupiers that they are superfluous here.

Request: In addition to combat vehicles, gunners use a whole arsenal of battery-powered equipment for more accurate aiming and firing. The cold season brings special conditions for their operation and accelerates the discharge of battery devices. We have been actively receiving requests for charging stations for a month now.

Solution: charging stations.

These charging stations fundraising is Christmas One. We would like to be Santas, make deliveries once a year, have unlimited time and budget, and penguin neighbors.

But we, Ukrainians, create miracles with our own hands. This year's Christmas parcel to the artellirists should be powerful in every sense.

Collection goal: 99 charging stations

For artillery reconnaissance control points, fire control points, and command points, the charging station is must-have. Monitors, tablets, phones, Starlinks, laptops — everything works on them.

So that every gunner could have the charge to receive the "fire" signal and impress the occupier with a gift, join this power station fundraising.

Our missile forces and artillery are three times more effective than the enemy's. Your artillery donats acquire the highest precision ever.

Charging stations

Charging stations

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