Fake M777 howitzer

Artillery protection is our leading objective like repair and maintenance. It’s much cheaper to protect than to repair.

M777 howitzer or "Three Axes", which our artillerymen armed with, is a powerful and accurate howitzer, and russians hunt for them with Lancets, Zalas, and their artillery.

Solution: face models M777. This is an ultra-effective passive protection. To date, we have already provided layouts to several divisions.

M777 models are made on a 1:1 scale, high quality, and very realistic. They have several tricks and secrets, and in fact, the enemy cannot distinguish the mock-up from a real howitzer during aerial reconnaissance.

The cost of the mock-up is 1 thousand dollars

The cost of a real M777 howitzer is from 2 to 3.7 million dollars.

The Lancet, estimated cost - 35 thousand dollars. One mock-up collects from 3 to 8 Lancets (record - 12).

Hunting for the fake howitzers is a waste of enemy resources, saved howitzers, and most importantly, unharmed gunners. By striking the mock-up, the enemy believes they have destroyed the howitzer, allowing our scouts to spot the Lancet operators and better camouflage or move the weapon.

Goal: UAH 780,000 = 20 fake howitzers.

Support options:

  • Donate via the link in the profile description. 
  • Close the request for 1 model with one donation (we will brand it with your or your company’s name). 
  • Open your own micro raise collection for layouts among friends and followers (write us about it and we will make you a collection card).  
  • Spread the raise among friends.

We will draw artillery souvenirs from M777 guns among all participants of the gathering.

The best investment in your own future is the support Ukraine's artillery now.

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Fake M777 howitzer

Fake M777 howitzer

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