Mobile tire fitting for artillery

The problem: there are a lot of wheeled vehicles in the art units of the Armed Forces. These are mainly wheeled MLRS and self-propelled guns, tractors for howitzers, tractors for the delivery of ammunition, fuel tankers.

With the current intensity of firing and the distance covered by the equipment every day, the wheels quickly exhaust their resource, to which we add the puncture of the wheels and damage to the tires from the shelling.

Currently, tire fitting takes place only at a stationary tire fitting station. That is, this is the time for towing equipment with punctured wheels, dismantling the wheels, waiting for the delivery of a new wheel to the station. All this time, the ammunition or tractor does not work as intended.

Solution: Create a trailer-mounted tire shop for existing repair trucks. It will have the necessary equipment to perform all on-site repair operations: a beam crane, a tire fitting stand, a wheel balancing stand, machines for the manufacture of parts, a jump start device, welding, a compressor, etc.

In addition, the mobile tire fitting is equipped with an autonomous heating and ventilation system, a diesel generator for the operation of all equipment.

Purpose of collection: trailer, sea container, equipment and installation work - all in duplicate. The budget is UAH 2.6 million - for 2 tire assembly complexes.

The divisions for which we are doing this project work with Western weapons, which are currently the most effective. Tire installation will significantly speed up the work of critical artillery that exhausts the enemy.

We cannot publish the brigade, it is the most impressive in all respects the brigade with Western weapons.

Mobile tire fitting for artillery

Mobile tire fitting for artillery

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