The Mobile Service Station

According to Colonel Baranov, artillery is responsible for 90% of defeating the enemy. It provides effective infantry attack and is the main defense. It is a complex mechanism, and if even one part stops working, everything else stops.

The problem Now Ukrainian artillery has a very wide range of equipment at its disposal. Along with the latest Western models, Soviet-style machines fight no less effectively. The intensity of hostilities, difficult field conditions, shelling - all this "contributes" to constant breakdowns and repairs.

Both service equipment (refueling stations, ammunition, medical vehicles, etc.) and equipment that inflicts continuous fire damage to the enemy suffer from breakdowns. Restoration of equipment requires either waiting for the necessary spare parts or transporting them to a service station.

Solution The Mobile Service Station (MSS) provides service and repair of equipment at the point of breakdown. The main advantage of a mobile complex is its mobility, and therefore, the efficiency of solving problems.

Each installed machine or tool is designed for specific purposes and problems that artillery equipment faces every day. The station has the necessary equipment for carrying out repair operations: a manipulator crane, a tow truck, machines for the production of parts, starting and charging equipment, welding, a compressor, etc. And thanks to its mobility, the station can serve in the entire area of responsibility of its division, promptly restoring equipment.

Our MSSs successfully fulfill their tasks in the army. We are currently working on creating the next one.

Target 6x6 truck, sea container, equipment and installation work

Adresee an artillery unit working on Western weapons

MTO is +100% to Western Artillery recovery capabilities, +150% vehicle repair speed, and 90% field repair cases

The Mobile Service Station

The Mobile Service Station

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