The Mobile Service Station 4.0

Just in March we handed over the mobile service station 3.0 (MSS) to the 45th Separate Artillery Brigade. Two months was enough to evaluate effectiveness of this complex it provides to the whole division. So now we have a new request.

MSS 4.0 starts. 

We are working again for the 45th SABr fighting on Archer, M777, and FH70 self-propelled guns. Our goal is to put MSS in all divisions of the brigade. The previous MSS is already in service in the 1st division.

The mobile service station proves its effectiveness every day. Repair of combat vehicles at the breakdown location, production of most necessary spare parts by MSS capacities, tire fitting of almost all diameters. At the location of vehicles. Saving the most precious resource - the time. 

One division has 12 guns or self-propelled guns, ammunition, fuel tanks, medical and other vehicles. All the cars should be on the go. The load on the equipment is insane now, and it is economically more profitable to provide an MSS to a division than to finance repairs and supply spare parts by demand. 

The goal: UAH 1.5 million for the equipment of a mobile service station for the division of the 45th SABr. (Archer, M777, and FH70 self-propelled guns).

Google the performance of these guns, warm yourself with that flame, and send your donate to repair the M777 or Archer:

  • use a payment window on this page, 
  • open your own micro fundraising on MSS 4.0 among your friends and followers (we will make you a visual), 
  • share this fundraising among your friends.

MSS - repairs to destroy.

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The Mobile Service Station 4.0

The Mobile Service Station 4.0

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