Staff car for officers

The task of the artillery unit headquarters is to plan operations. It requires processing large volumes of intelligence: videos, maps, etc. The role of artillery in this war cannot be overestimated, and these operations fundamentally affect the course of the war. The responsibility that rests on the officers is colossal.

Problem The staff car is a place where important, large-volume data is transformed into plans and decisions. This is a place of incredible concentration and responsibility. Staff cars are provided for in the troop list, but their number is deadly small. Therefore, officers often have to work in improvised field conditions, which can accordingly affect the output.

Solution High-tech staff cars. Open space for the required number of workstations on the basis of the truck: with printers, projector, Starlink, rack for attaching maps, telephones with encryption, generator, uninterruptible power supply, safes for confidential documents, TVs for quick assessment of the situation.

The staff cars will be equipped to operate without an engine, generator, or external power source for up to 6 hours. Optimal conditions for hard work.

Target 6x6 truck, sea container, equipment for open space, office equipment, installation work

Adresee an artillery unit working on Western weapons

This project not only ensures the planning and conduct of military operations but also enables prompt response. And most importantly, thanks to its mobility, the risk of casualties among our command is reduced.

Staff car for officers

Staff car for officers

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