The Mobile Service Station 3.0

Artillery is a large, complex mechanism in which behind a pair of "shooting" combat vehicles there is a whole brigade of refuelers, ammunition, medevacs, officers' cars, and personnel cars. Оnly the serviceability of each component ensures high-precision operation of individual machines.

The Mobile Service Station is our strategic project, which affects the combat capability of the entire unit, and as a result - the course of hostilities.

We are launching MTO 3.0 for the 45th Separate Artillery Brigade. Kyiv, Kharkiv, Kherson operations in 2022-2023. East direction now.

This repair shop will solve a lot of problems near the contact line, where the 45th Separate Artillery Brigade uses its Archer self-propelled guns and the widely known M777, FH70.

In addition to combat weapons, the brigade has a lot of other equipment, namely ammunition, fuel tanks, and jeeps. This equipment also needs attention and maintenance, which our repair shop does.

Solution: The repair shop consists of 2 sea containers, in one of which professional welding equipment, machines, and presses are installed; in the other - professional tire fitting.

Yes, even the Archer self-propelled gun, which is a work of artillery art, can be served in it.

Yes, it will be possible to "re-shoe" the KRAZ, the tires of which are 1.4 meters high and 0.7 meters wide.

And all the servises and repair operations can be provided in the open field, even without an electrical network.

Our task is to bring it into proper condition, to equip the tractor and containers with the necessary equipment.

Goal: 1.5 million hryvnias

For whom: the 45th Separate Artillery Brigade

This repair shop is +100% to Western Artillery recovery ability, +150% vehicle repair speed, and 90% field repair cases resolved.

The Mobile Service Station 3.0

The Mobile Service Station 3.0

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